This area was at first inhabited by tamoios y goiatacases native tribes, until it began to be visited by pirates and English, French and Dutch slave smugglers in the XVIth century. The place was then boosted by the trading of wood, although the reserves were diminished and the peninsular people had to start fishing and whale hunting.

Buzios is now mainly a touristic city, but it keeps the charm of a small fishing village.

At a moment it transformed itself to the exclusive touristic center it is now. This happened quickly from the 1960's on and it was the result of a very concrete event, when many celebrities chose Buzios to be apart from their onlookers, and because of the beauty of the place . Among these famous people the most well-known artist was Brigitte Bardot, who left a trace of her sophistication in the peninsula.

From the moment she chose Buzios, the whole area gain worldwide fame, to the point that it now has around 10 thousand inhabitants from all over theworld, aventurers seeking for a better place to live. These same people generated the touristic resourses you can now enjoy: Búzios is today a place appropriate for first level tourism, accompanied by a very mild climate and an astonishing environment.

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